Autism & Essential Oils

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability that presents families with significant challenges. Children diagnosed with ASD experience a different world than their peers. Bright lights, and loud noises can easily frighten them, and they can also have a hard time coping with any sudden changes to their routine. On top of these anxieties, … Continue reading Autism & Essential Oils

Cleaning with essential oils

Cleaning with Essential Oils boosts the power of your natural cleaning formulas! Fragrances are very personal choices and trigger strong and specific memory connections. Certain scents may stir vivid memories and emotions; there may be comfort in the aroma of baking bread; a whiff of a certain perfume may instantly remind you of someone you … Continue reading Cleaning with essential oils

Why use doTERRA oils and products

It's the beauty of the essential oil .. Let me fill you in. The reason why essential oils (when they are therapeutic grade) .. are so wonderful for our health and wellbeing is because they are liquid energy lovingly distilled from the shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes and seeds of their origin. Using Essential Oils … Continue reading Why use doTERRA oils and products